Sunday, May 13, 2007

Green License Plates For Sex Offenders?

Alabama, Wisconsin, and Ohio have legislation on the table to make sex offenders have green license plates. This is just another example of a "Feel Good" bad idea law. It's easy to get around and will probably hurt far more people than it helps. Folks, this is ridiculous. Allowing any government body to place a special tag on ANY group of people is against the law. If this is allowed to pass then everyone should just kiss their rights goodbye. People are going to die over this piece of garbage legislation. Their will be innocent people killed because some moron saw the plate and decided to "run the sick pervert off the road so he doesn't hurt anyone ever again." Only it will be the offender's wife and children in the car. Or even worse, it may even be the victim themselves. This is the type of legislation that Hitler imposed. Are we all really that stupid? If you are in one of these states, please vote against it. Write to your politicians and ask for proof of how this is going to help and ask for the statistics and the study to back it up. If they can't give you those, they obviously are just blowing smoke to get votes and give you the impression that they are working on the problem. Say no to garbage legislation. The next step will probably be concentration camps, then when all the "so called" sex offenders are dead or unidentified they will start on all the so called "normal people". You will be next, it's just a matter of time. You need to stand up now and say "NO MORE!" I would rather be free with a sex offender living next door, than to live in a concentration camp for "my protection" wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

I vote against this sick idea, shame on those politicians for even coming up with this hidious idea

avgJoe said...

it is sad that some people actually think this is going to save someone.