Friday, May 4, 2007

Denied a voting voice, forever?

I came across an article while browsing around, as we all do :)
and started asking myself some question. I was wondering why any ex-offenders,
would be denied the right to vote, some permanently. Here's the address to the article

Why would this country allow the removal of such a basic right?
This is the trend in our society, and it is to keep those already in power, in power longer.
This is sad, and definitely is giving a shameful face to our democratic society. These people are forced to pay taxes but not allowed a voice in government and definitely is taxation without representation and is against the constitution. Sad, that this goes on. Our society is so tainted with hate and greed that it's judgement is clouded and no one cares because it doesn't affect them directly. Very Sad. Please give me some comments on this one.

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